Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Okay, let's drop everything for a moment.

I hate to ask this, because it's been a long time and I don't know how the atmosphere around here has changed, but I'd like to ask anyone reading this to please take a step back for a moment. Drop character, drop story, drop everything. Just for this blog entry.

I feel the need to write a formal thanks and goodbye to you all. I'm sure you've noticed it's been ages since I've posted. Honestly, I haven't known what to post. I've somewhat fallen out of the Slendermythos fandom in the last few months, regrettably. I haven't kept up with vlogs. I certainly haven't kept up with blogs, tangled mess that they've become. I certainly didn't help much with the tangling when I stepped in with this mess of a blog.

My first mistake with Harmonic Paradox was when I said, you know what, I'm gonna get involved with the Slenderblog community! That's when things got confusing. This began as my real blog for my real life, and quickly became something fake when I entered the mindset of "Slenderblogs are cool, I want one too!" There was all that stuff with the chaos/order weirdness. I had a whole thing planned out! The idea was that I was being possessed by an overeager force trying to create order, and it was really cool in my head. But, obviously, that didn't pan out. It got tangled up with the rest of everything.

My second mistake was in using my real self. I got really involved with everything using my usual self, Holly. That was just me. As you can imagine, it got really confusing separating my real identity from the identity I used on this blog. Once Twitter came into the equation, I fell off the wagon entirely. I'm very sorry for that.

Basically, I'm sorry for being a confusing moron. I had a TON of fun for a while here, with Sammie and Storm and everyone! Getting into the Slendermythos fandom was a weird and wild ride for me. Hanging around on Unfiction, speculating about the next episode of whatever or where you crazy people would take the stories you weaved... And of course, the not sleeping. There was no sleep for that time period. It was a great time, and I don't regret a thing. I wish I could've kept it up longer.

Thank you for a great time, Slenderblog community!