Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Do not fret.

Epw avejv eodcehm vvawaz- Nhf, rocqjv, ggszx zz bv?
Wlr szgpnmlz zmlmw kii hsaschtg, cxo cwa hzpkn'g vqe.
Zb'y o xdre, esqf wffhk; wp'l h qrnw sx rlbtt
iip oy xttx jbuh t emc.


  1. Borrowed my codes, have you? Alright, first- nalepki, meaning "tag" or "label" in Polish. Meaning the tag of Jan. 20 was important, and checking back, it was: how the roses climb- how sublime the time when an english garden grows

    dārzs means "garden" in Latvian

    einu púði means "one pad" in Icelandic.

    Main post might be a Caesar Shift Cipher like I used, but I tried shifting it differently and it just came up with gibberish, so I'm striking in the wrong direction.

    ...Trying to think of this as a puzzle, because if I don't...

    Holly, you better be safe. At least I know you're alive when you're posting codes...

  2. Want to note that the tag of Jan. 20 was different before, and must have been changed recently.

  3. I saw a glimpse of this bvfore i went to sleep, but then it was gone. Now it's back. I got the same thing with the caesar cipher. Its not a playfair cipher either. I looked up a few other ciphers and codes, but not been able to find anything. I am not giving up though.


  4. I was working with a code website between classes doesn't make sense as a code. There aren't any vowel clusters. Either it's not in english or something's wrong with the actual encryption.
    Granted I'm not exactly an experienced code breaker.
    Holly, if you're reading this, stay safe and don't panic. We're trying to help you.

  5. I come back from school, and this
    is what I find? What the hell...
    I was definitely asleep at 3:33 AM.

    At least I can see this post, I guess. That's good.
    Please don't worry about me, you guys- I'm okay.
    A little shaken at the moment, but unharmed.

    I tried a couple of the cyphers I know, but none of them
    worked on this. What's "one pad" supposed to mean?

  6. One pad to rule them all?

    I don't know. Maybe it's a clue...

    Why all the Secret Garden references? Is the tag that was changed also one?

  7. In the caesar cipher, I tried all the lines, only on one did any words make sense, and that was the first word, which I got out as the word "who." maybe it's a combination of codes, I'm not sure.


  8. @Storm
    Which tag, the one from 1/20? I changed that one myself the day it was posted. Previously it was "Not so well, she said, see the lily's dead, dig it up and out you go", but after getting so much support and love from you guys, I changed it to the more uplifting "How the roses climb, how sublime the time when an English garden grows."

    I had been listening to the Secret Garden a lot at the time... I don't know why it seemed like a good idea to post random references to it... I don't think I was quite myself. It was a stressful time, I guess.

    I don't think it's a caesar cipher, then. I get the feeling that it's a cipher, but I don't know what kind... Why the reference to the 1/20 entry? Maybe that entry could be used as a code-breaker or something? I don't know much about codes... I'm sorry, I'm not much help.

  9. keep trying, duckies

  10. @Anonymous
    ...what the hell was that? Was that a joke? I don't take kindly to trolls here, so go bother someone else.

  11. @Holly, the only other possibilities I can think of would be either it's a playfair cipher (yet we would need a keyword, making it more difficult), or it's a couple of codes within codes.


  12. @Lucien
    Maybe the 1/20 post has the keyword? Maybe it's the label, or the whole thing. The idea of it needing a keyword or passphrase seems likely.