Monday, January 17, 2011

A big mess

Something happenedto Stormecho.
Her posts are mangled and chaotic.
She's speaking of  chaos  in codes.
It's so worrying; I'm  getting scared.
She's  acting  like  she's become a 
proxy orsomething,whichis enough
to make me worried for her,but her
mentioning of chaos is making me

I feel awful today; I don't know why.
Something's probably goingaround.
I'm going to  lay  down  for a  while.

I'm  making a  new Marble  Hornets
mask.The old one was crooked and
I'll  finish the  mask when I wake up
later. Until then, Holly out.


  1. *hugs* Feel better Hol.

    We all hope she'll be okay.

    Good luck with the mask. The last one was good too, though.

  2. Thanks, Sammie. <3

    Yeah, I liked the old mask, but
    the crookedness was starting
    to get to me, y'know? And we
    went to Michael's earlier, so I
    might as well do it~

  3. If you have the supplies.

    I acutually have an awesome design for a proxy mask. I should make it xD Of course, I need a mask first...