Monday, January 3, 2011

Wake up in the morning feeling like sleep-deprivation

Goooood morning, Robotropolis! I am wide-awake and ready to go for my first day back at school, aw yeah~! Except, well, I've probably forgotten everything. I'll need to study hardcore.

And, er, I didn't exactly sleep last night. At all. Had a wacky nightmare of some sort, then I just stayed up from 2:00 to 5:30 playing Pokemon... Apparently the dreams have spread to my little sister, too, because she just informed me that she had a nightmare last night. She said that in her dream, I was panicking and when she asked why, I said, "Slenderman is in the house." So she went out to find our dad, and saw Slenderman standing in the hall looking at her. Ehehe... Blame this on me, guys. I introduced her to Marble Hornets, forgetting she gets anxiety issues over these things... Whoops.

I've managed to mostly cure her fear with Concrete Giraffes and Alex Yelling At Slenderman.

I wish I could find my DS Lite so I could bring it to school and play Pokemon like a cool kid. I don't want to bring my DSi XL, because that thing is comically large and silly-looking. Oh well. I'll just read manga or something like a cooler kid.


  1. x3 Nightmares, fun. Hope your sister's doing okay now.

    ...This is why I never watched MH, just to try and avoid waking up in the night. I still get them, but it took longer, methinks. x3

    I hope your first day back in school wasn't horrible? Mine wasn't too bad...

  2. Yeah, she's alright, just a little shaken. xD I'm impressed that you haven't watched MH, though I can't say I blame you. I haven't really slept peacefully since I saw it (though after a while that was more due to discovering the rest of the mythos).

    My first day back wasn't terrible at all~ I'm a bit stressed about exams and such, but overall I'm doing fine. My friend Molly got me an adorable little anime figurine for Christmas. <3