Wednesday, January 19, 2011

laurel leaves (Stormecho Analysis Part 2) EDIT-1

Okay, guys. Storm is okay, but like Thage, she can't communicate directly because she's being watched. She seems to be perfectly functional and coherent, though. It just means I've gotta bring Order to her chaotic way of communicating.  I'm not the best at cryptic codes, but I'll do my best, everyone. 

With a bit of prodding, I have figured out the meaning of Caesar and Rule of Three. It's very simple- The Caesar Cipher. A very simple and old cipher that just switches letters around. A becomes B, B becomes C, etc. I used this with a factor of 3 on the text I earlier could not identify.

"zkhq zhuh wkhuh wkuhdwv? zkhq zhuh wkhuh olhv? frqqhfw - frqqhfw, frqqhfw, frqqhfw"
"when were there threats? when were there lies? connect - connect, connect, connect."

Gotta keep connecting things. Connect them dots. The trouble is finding all of the dots.

...nothing. That same cipher didn't work on this one. So what does this mean, then? Is this related to the Base part of her comments?

"Base - not as simple, but easy to reach. At the tops of the holly's roots - used all the time."

At first I was thinking of Base-3 encoding, but I couldn't find anything to decode with that, so it may be a dead end. I'm not going to forget about it right away, though. So what does "base" refer to? The tops of my roots, the base of the holly tree? I'm not sure what that means- Are we talking physical or abstract? My only thought would be my computer, but I'm not sure.


The seventeenth of this month, obviously. I'm supposed to "look back" and notice something. I've looked back on Storm's blog, and found the entries "What is happening?" and "Sokar".  I've already decoded everything on Sokar (I think), which leaves "What is happening?" Try as I might, I can't seem to find anything useful on that entry, except for possibly the decrease in C.A.'s posts that Storm could see, and I have no idea where to go with that.

I also checked 01-17 on my own blog. On the 17th, I posted "I finished" and "A big mess". The latter has nothing of interest (probably), but the former has two pictures of my room. This may be where I can find the "base"- the tops of my roots, used all the time. I see my computer, of course, which I'm on all the time. It might make sense, but I don't know what it means.

It just occurred to me that I'm assuming the "base" is an object. It may very well be an oft-used code of cipher, but I just don't know.

For good measure, I checked Sammie's and Darby's blogs, but found nothing. Am I looking in the wrong places? I don't know. I need to network with other blogs better. I've only got 6 followers, heh.

That's all I've got at the moment- If anyone has anything to add, do tell.

EDIT: 01-19 - Labels

Stormecho has hinted that there is more to the Japanese labels she's been putting on her entries. Let's take a look at those, shall we?

In "Been a while...": SORAGOTO, meaning "lie". The post mentioned feeling sick and Blogger glitching up. Were either of those lies?

In "2-13": GENJITSU, meaning "actual facts". This post contained the clue "Stickers", as in labels, as well as the word NOTICE. 

In "What is happening?": ITSUWARI, SORAGOTO, both translating to "lie." This post mentioned Blogger glitching and Storm being unable to see some of C.A.'s posts.

In "Sokar": GENJITSU, SHINJITSU, both meaning "truth." This post contained-- Hey, I'm seeing the pattern. The posts that were written coherently and in Storm's normal style are labeled as lies, while the ones written in codes were labelled as truths. Hmm. Is this what you wanted me to see, Storm?

So your posts have been categorized into truths and falsehoods, and they are the opposite of what you might expect. Is this to further obscure yourself from forces that watch you?


  1. Sometimes I wonder if I shouldn't be speaking in codes, too. I sure hope I'm not attracting attention.

  2. Nalepki - Stickers. Labels. Tags. Words that define and separate and order.

    You seek order, don't you?

    The holly tree asked the question - not "What is happening?" but inside. The words are there, ready to be ordered. The true chaos is there.


  3. I got Base-64 code to work. I translated it in Stormy's comments. The second part is...

    Julius aids your efforts

    It was probably our original hint toward the Caesar Cipher.

  4. Nothing, except Storm got a hold of me too.

    Which is a relief, everything's gone crazy lately, people are starting to ask questions about the murders. My doing, but it was necessary.

    The Caesar code, should have thought of that. I was looking through his laws, trying to make a connection. -_-

    So apparently Sam was right, you're the tree. Which makes you the new White Queen?

    I'm not sure yet.

    I'll be around.

    Eyes open.

    The Destroyer

  5. I just found the same thing as Sammie did, Holly. However, there may be more to the statement, "Julius aids your efforts." I found a program online, and it's called Julius. The description of it given is "Julius is a simple converter for the translation of numbers written with arabic digits into roman digits, and it is able to translate roman numbers in arabic ones." I haven't seen anything in the posts from Storm that could be used in any sort of Roman Numeral situation, but maybe I'm looking a little too deep now.

  6. @Stormecho
    Oh! You mean the labels in your posts! I see. Categories. I'll take a look at how those relate to the entries themselves.

    Oh, you're right! Base-64, of course. I guess that bit is out of play now, since I had to be beaten over the head to notice the Caesar Cipher.

    I'm not so sure that the tree and the White Queen are one and the same. The factoid about white chess pieces being made from holly wood may very well be a coincidence. I'm not ready to believe I'm that important just yet. Thanks, Darby.

    Oh! That's certainly interesting; I'll keep it in mind just in case Storm decides to use such a code. Thank you!

  7. Tis true, I'm lying low for now. I don't want to kill police certainly. They don't know and I don't expect them to understand of course.

    So I'm keeping quiet. As quiet as I can be anyway. xD


  8. @Holly: We both did, don't feel bad. I didn't even think of Base 64 till Stormy spelled it out for us.

    And... I think you are, Holly. I think I got indirectly told that I was right on my blog post. Weather you are or aren't the new White Queen, Holly, we're here for you.

  9. @Sammie
    Storm said "the holly tree connects." This may just mean that I'm connected to her, not that I'm connected to the White Queen- though that may actually be true. I just don't think I actually AM the White Queen.

    Nevertheless, thank you so much for your support and assistance. All of you. <333

  10. Thank you for the follows, Darby and Lucien. :) I appreciate your help.

  11. I am just trying to do what I can to help others out, while I conduct my own investigations. I think I may have decoded something from Thage's posts. In his post, //Disarray, he mentions that maybe the Wayward Knight need take the role of the White King. Reading his description of the Knight, I thought he may be referencing Zeke Strahm there. However, in the post, //Rain-Fog, he states that the Knight is "carrying on HER crusade." Here, I thought that maybe he meant you are this Wayward Knight, to take on the job. But then, it again states "The Knight once of the law." Again, bringing me back over to possibly Zeke. But, as I tend to say, maybe I'm looking too deep into all of this.

  12. @Lucien
    I honestly don't think I'm an important piece in all this. I'm just picking my way through Storm's codes, is all. I have no previous experience in the Slenderverse- this is the first ordeal I've been significantly involved in. I've no real connections with anyone else in the Mythos yet.

  13. @Lucien
    Also, I am firmly of the opinion that The Knight Once of the Law is Zeke. It fits too well. As for the Wayward Knight, I have no idea. As I stated, I'm new to the 'verse and not really significant.

  14. I'm fairly certain that the Wayward Knight is Fizzbomb. He is (hopefully) currently trapped in some sort of castle, trying to fight Slendy, thus explaining the "Wayward" part.

  15. @Scott
    Yes, that's the theory I subscribe to. Which means I'm probably just a regular pawn, right?

  16. Just because you are new to the Slenderverse, doesn't mean you can't be a significant part of it.

  17. @Lucien
    Heh, I suppose that's so.

  18. I'm going to sleep now- Good night, all.