Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I should be shot for this

Artist's mannequin + tuxedo from a magician doll = Holly's fangirlish delight and indescribable horror.

Yes, yes, I know: You all want one. :3c


  1. Yeah, I know he has a bow-tie. I guess this Slendy is just ~~SUPER CLASSY~~

  2. xD Holly I love you!

    That is made of ten levels of win.

  3. Gasp, I did not freak out at this.

    Maybe because a clothed, simplistic mannequin just doesn't inspire the same dread. Also, because he isn't, like, lurking in the background or something...

    Nice bowtie.

  4. I used an artist's mannequin because one was used in Marble Hornets to represent Slendy, so I guess it wouldn't really inspire dread if you haven't watched it yet. xD

    I, however, am probably going to have a little trouble sleeping with this by my bed. *u*''

  5. I see that you also have a bottle of Strawberry Ramune on your desk. Which is cool, because I have that exact same thing on my desk.

    Aaaaaanyway, as to the focal point of the picture. It is awesome to the max. Here, this is for you:


  6. Oh golly, an entire internet? Just what I've always wanted! :')

    Strawberry Ramune is the bomb. *high-five*