Sunday, January 16, 2011

Blogspot, I am not impressed.

Some of my posts are missing. They've just... disappeared off the internet. I certainly didn't delete them myself, and there's no way anyone else could have, so I am left with the conclusion that Blogspot derped spectacularly. Hilarious.

I'm not especially torn up about it, really. They're just blog posts. In fact, most of the deleted entries are ones where I was venting depression and angst, and I'm okay with those going away. But it does make me a little concerned about the rest of my entries. If this happens again, I will be unamused.

Has anyone else seen a new blog titled Peering In From The Outside? It's a new Slender-related blog, but it's really intriguing in a way most blogs aren't. Basically the author is summarizing current Slender affairs using chess analogies, and it's really cool. I'm trying to sort everything out, but I've always been bad at puzzles. And Thage, the author, seems to be completely unable to give a straight answer. I asked about her connection to Tall Dark and Skinny, and she actually said, "That would be telling."

I got a chuckle out of her referring to SomethingAwful as "The Board that Birthed Zalgo." I mean, Zalgo? That meme is pretty dead, isn't it? Referring to SomethingAwful like that is just... amusing to me.

Anyway, that's all I have to say. Holly out.



    Here's the link to the blog, derp.

  2. What happened to your little sign out, Hol? I guess blogger derped again xD

    I find Peering In From The Outside to be awesome! The chess analogies remind me of playing with my dad. As a joke I wanna set up the chess board with what pieces she says are thaere and the others splayed around. Should I?

    And Thage is bound by some sort of promise to stay out of the game. I'm sure he's doing his best.

    What the heck IS Zalgo?

    Sorry for the little paragraph, Holly :c

  3. Well, that's... odd.

    As for Thage, I have a guide to the puzzles on my blog. I haven't updated it with the newest posts, but I will soon. If you want to see it, it's at:

    Also, I think Thage's crypticness is sort of the point; if she told us things plainly, then Slenderman would probably go after her again. That's why she's doing the whole Chess analogy thing.

  4. @Kiki: What do you mean? I posted the blog entry, then went back and put in the sign-out. Is that what you're talking about?

    Yes, totally set up that board! Take pictures. Call it a visual aid.

    Zalgo is a meme. Basically he's some cosmic indescribable entity, and when he's around, your text goes all wonky and you start to decay. Pretty basic, and kind of old as far as internet memes go.


    @Scott: Oh, yes, I've checked your blog. It's very helpful! I'll be sure to keep an eye on it as more posts from Thage show up.

    Yeah, I'd sort of assumed that to be the case. It's still incomprehensible to me, though. I'm a little out of touch on a large chunk of the Slenderbloggers community, heh.

  5. Nevermind. It's a blogger glitch. Or my computer. Nothings wrong, I'll shut up.

    xD Okay. (Thank God for Scott translating it to something I can understand!)

    Oh. He sounds horrifying xD *sarcasm*

  6. Well, if you're sure. :/ Blogger's been glitching up for a lot of people lately, it seems.

  7. It just showed me the coding for your post for some reason xD

  8. Thanks; I'm glad I could help.

  9. @Kiki: Huh. I can't see it; that's weird. Ah well, it's just Blogger acting up... again. xD It's nothing.

  10. @Scott: You're welcome. Even though messing around with this thing is making me feel like a child again.

    @Holly: Yeah. XD

  11. Mm. It might be a bit cliche and old-fashioned, but it's accurate nonetheless, no?

  12. Yep, definitely accurate. Better than referencing some of the other things that board has birthed, heh.

  13. Some things are simply best left buried.