Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm okay

Okay, I apologize profusely for the sudden radio silence for the past several days... I was suddenly hit with a horrible awful cold that left me pretty much bedridden for four days. ;_; I couldn't go to school or anything, so I imagine the buildup of homework is going to be enough to kill me.

But enough about that- I'm better now, going to school tomorrow, and probably going to be miserable. How has everyone been doing? Have I missed anything important? Please please do tell me if I've missed out on something I should've been present for.


  1. Oh my GOD, I am the worst, I was laying around when I should've been with Storm and Sammie and oh my god I'm so sorry guys

  2. Holly, I'm not mad. You were sick, no one is going to be.

    I doubted everyone, I doubted myself. It lead to a huge misunderstanding, a lot of truth for me, and a better overall reaction than I expected.

    Everything worked out. I just have, like, no credibility now ^^'

  3. Hey, least you're back now, right?

    The world spins on.


  4. All that matters is your back.

  5. No - it's fine. I don't blame you for being gone. All you missed was my desperate angsting and beating myself up anyways.

    ...Getting told to stop by people I know have not had fun times lately sort of killed that urge.

    I'm glad you're back, though.

  6. Thanks, guys. I'm glad to see all of you are okay as well.

    Sam, Storm, I wish I'd been around to support you two when you needed it- I'll try not to pull any stupid disappearances again.

  7. Holly, Vera supported me as any angry mother bear does- enough for 10 people. It's fine.

    You were sick, you didn't get on. Your health is more important than me bitching when I have others to support me.

    So, I'm glad your better, but don't stress about not being here for the invasion of he drama llamas. =3