Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas haul

God, I do so love being the child of a relatively large and generous family. My sister and I always get lots of presents; it's awesome. This year was no different, though my sister got a metric tonne of big expensive things while I got some smaller things I value more.

New headset, thank GOD. However... it's a USB mic, and the recording quality isn't top notch. It's no better than the mic I was using before. The headphones are uncomfortable too- I may have to keep using my hideously broken headphones + mom's mic combo like before. It's a shame.

Total Immersion French-learning software. YESSSSS. I was planning on taking French as a dual-enrollment course, but that turned out to be impossible since it wasn't a distance-learning course. I am way looking forward to using this. I got Rosetta Stone (similar, but more famous) a few years back for Hebrew, but I kinda fell off the wagon on that... Hopefully French will be easier?

The Allspark Almanacs HECK YES SIR. These are incredible. There is so much insane detail and love packed into the Transformers Animated 'verse, it's just awesome. I flipped through the books at my grandma's (where we got the gifts), and I'll peruse them more thoroughly later. I already noticed Magrathea and Ork on a star map. That is insane. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy /and/ Mork and Mindy references? God, I love this so much.

Axis Powers Hetalia seasons one and two. I already saw the first season (both in Japanese and English), but the English dub of the second season is new to me. Hurrah~

Transformers Animated Arcee. I went to BotCon back in June with my dad (FABULOUS trip), and they were completely sold out of Arcee like ten minutes in. Dad apparently had to search through a toy-hunter site to find this one. I still haven't opened her, I'll do so when I'm done writing. <3

Oh, a friggin' KINDLE. I've wanted one for AGES, and now it is finally mine! I got a 25 dollar Amazon gift card for books, even. I'll hook it up to my account and download things later.

You know what, no, I do not want to finish this entry. I'm gonna go play with my toys. See ya, Blogger.

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