Wednesday, December 1, 2010

In which Holly is a nerd about Slenderman

Hah, gotcha, this blog actually has basically nothing to do with music. My headphones are b0rked so I can't really listen to any at the moment, I'm useless at composing it, and... Well, yeah. I've always been  fond of the words "Harmonic Paradox", though, so it's good enough for the title of my personal blog.

This is actually the first really personal blog I've ever made (totally not counting the one I used to write yaoi fanfiction when I was twelve. Ughhhh.). Other than this I have a Twitter (which I spam with useless things) and a Tumblr (which I less frequently spam with useless things.) And I guess there's also my UTAU blog, but that's more of a general information base for my UTAUloids than it is a blog. Haven't updated it in months anyway.

So aside from UTAU, what do I like? Video games, anime, writing... I absolutely LOVE writing. Usually short-fiction and such. I might post some here. NaNoWriMo is officially over now. I... didn't complete my novel like I meant to. I tried, I really did, but partway through it became apparent that I picked the wrong story, the wrong style, the wrong everything- and I had overplanned so much that I had no room to breathe and let my story be flexible. It was a disaster. My best online friend Ritz completed hers, though! All 50,000+ words by November 30th! I'm still reading through her novel, and it's awesome. I wish I had the patience and ability to stay dedicated to a project.

If there's anything I lack, it's an attention span. I fully expect to write several lengthy blog posts here for a few days, and then just disappear. That's how it usually goes. I probably won't use this account at all in a while, aside from commenting on other blogs.

Speaking of other blogs, my current obsession is reading Slenderblogs. Yes yes slenderman back out now holly you're gonna die etc etc. This ain't that kind of blog, folks. I'm really fascinated by the entire Mythos. The legend, the blogs, the pictures, everything! I can't say exactly why- it may be because I'm just generally an /x/phile fanbrat with a love for the paranormal, but this whole thing is something a bit more. What gets me is the whole community thing, all these people working together, writing, blogging, creating and weaving a legend together! And I'm watching it happen! It's so cool!

I kinda wish I could get involved in it, but I'm bad at writing fake blogs and I can't creep people out worth crap. And I've never actually seen a tall guy in a suit outside my window, of course. Haha. *knock on wood*

I'll just watch and enjoy the ride, I guess!


  1. Took a shower, came back, realized this whole journal entry makes me look like a dumb fangirl. I want to edit it, but screw it- If I start worrying about how I look, I'll never post again. Take me as I am.

  2. Hi, Holly.
    Welcome to our little corner of the Slenderverse.
    I'm Jeff, your resident tour guide.

    I'm also in character in one of the blogs as well: Let Us Live.

    Hopefully you have a great time here.

    Oh, and another Floridian in the mix?

    Someone is ambitious :).


  3. Heh! Thank you very much for the warm welcome, Jeff! I'll be sure to check out Let Us Live. I definitely plan to enjoy my stay. :)