Sunday, December 26, 2010

Chattering about Yume Nikki, whee

*sniffle sniffle* Awesome, I've got the worst headache known to man and the worst cold known to man and dolphins. I can only assume I caught it from my friend Jen's house, since her family's got a cold too. Or maybe I gave it to them. Either way, blech, I feel really gross. Even playing with my lovely Christmas toys isn't really cheering me up right now.

And what is the best thing to do when you're under the weather?

Play a Japanese indie game known for being horribly depressing, of course!

I am of course referring to Kikiyama's brain-melting masterpiece Yume Nikki, the game where the entirety of your adventures take place while sleeping. You basically run around in the dream world of a little girl named Madotsuki, collecting different abilities and just exploring. It's made in RPG Maker, but really it's just exploring the highly-disturbed mind of a young hikkikomori. No dialog, no developed characters, no plot, no direction, and no explanation. The worlds of the dreamscape are huge and confusing to navigate, so the whole point is to get lost. And the ending is possibly the most depressing thing in the whole world. Last time I played this extensively, I had insomnia and nightmares something terrible for weeks.

This is totally the best thing for me to be playing right now.

The thing I really love about Yume Nikki, though, is the fanbase. Owing to the inexplicable weirdness of the games, there are loads of devoted fans who love coming up with theories and meanings to explain it. There's a surprising amount of beautiful artwork and fan-videos, too. I love it. For example, this one, using my favorite song.

If you like confusing mind-screwy PC games, I'd totally recommend Yume Nikki. It can be downloaded... heck, I dunno, Google it. I'm gonna go play this now.

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