Monday, December 13, 2010

Well, that's just Prime

I just watched the five-part series opener of Transformers: Prime! MAN, am I ever glad for a new Transformers show. There has been a gaping hole in my heart ever since Transformers: Animated ended, and this seems to be just the show to fill it. It's not quiiiite as good as Animated, but it's just starting out and I have a feeling it'll hit its stride.

I started out unimpressed, but it grew on me a lot over a surprisingly short time. The animation is great, the characters are solid, the action scenes are BREATHTAKING, and the human mascots aren't too bad. It's a serious enough show to appeal to me, but it has some great humor here and there. Altogether, it's fabulous. Definitely catching the series proper in February.

One gripe: Please, Peter Cullen. Turn off the epic end-of-days one-shall-stand speech and talk normal. Not everything has to be said in your most dramatic swoon-inducing voice. Please make Prime emote properly.


  1. People probably wanted him to make some self referential remarks.

    Btw, does anyone else think that Peter tries to make Optimus sound like John Wayne?

    I haven't watched any TF stuff since Beast machines myself. All that 'combine to bigger robot' or 'super upgrade little bot' crap was way too animeish for me.

    Even though some of that DID happen in Gen 1.

  2. Yeah, but there's a difference between homaging and ripping-off. I'm hoping Prime will gain the confidence to stand on its own rather than riding off elements from the Michael Bay movies.

    Agreed forever on the Transformers anime. I could only stand a few episodes of those; that was just too much. My favorite shows were Beast Wars and Animated, and oddly I never cared too much for G1. :/

  3. 'One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall' is from the original animated movie. Not sure what you mean for the allusions to Michael Bay...unless every living thing in sight is exploding constantly, and the camera is switching around so fast you can't tell what the hell is going on.

  4. I wasn't referring specifically to that line; I know it's from the original movie. Overall, though, the Prime opener felt a lot like the Bay movies in the action scenes. That's not necessarily a bad thing; the action in the Bay movies was fantastic- But I'm hoping for Prime to break away from the standards set by the movies and form its own territory. You know what I mean?

  5. I seriously need to watch the opener. ;_; I'm a huge fan of Transformers - love the action in the Bay movies, and the plot and characterization in Beast Wars and animated. My hopes are that the two shall merge - though I don't have the time to go find it on Youtube and start watching right now. Blargh, so much to doooo~

    On a somewhat more related note, you seem like an awesome person. We share many geeky interests!

  6. Definitely agreed! I can't wait til February when the series proper begins. They may do an encore of the opener, maybe?

    Thanks, and likewise! Reading your blog is like looking at a clone of myself, interests-wise. If that doesn't sound creepy. Heh. Thanks again for following. :)