Saturday, December 4, 2010

Late-night blogging

Well, actually it's only 8:46 pm, but it's late enough for this house.

I'm all set up upstairs next to a big window looking out over the front of the house. It's a really lovely neighborhood- Big trees, gardens, and Christmas lights; the latter of which I can enjoy in their full glory due to night having already fallen. It's just so pretty out. I want to go outside and take a walk or something, but it's too cold for that. Maybe if I did, the cat would follow me.

There's a little stray cat that likes to sleep in Nanny's garden. She's white with black patches, so that's what I call her- Patches. She's adorable, but loves to meow really loudly for food. Becky doesn't feed her lest Patches get all attached and needy, and anyway the house down the street does feed her, so it's all good. Patches is really friendly and often waltzes right up to me and lets me pick her up and hold her. I'm aware that it's not good practice to cuddle strays, especially when one has two very fragile indoor cats at home, but guuu Patches is so adorable and sweet, I love her. I wish Becky would adopt her, but there's already two cats here. :C

Everyone has already gone to sleep, so it's all quiet and dark here. I jump every time I hear the leaves outside rustle. It's a bit lonely. Ah well, I'm gonna be here all day tomorrow, so I'll get to hang out with Nanny, Becky, and Theresa then. I'll probably help put their Christmas lights up.

I think I'll go stare out the window into the darkness poetically for a bit.

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  1. Also, Sandra/Slenderman is my new OTP. Just saying.