Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Metrocon plans

HA HA HA, yeah, it's me again, posting for the third time in a day because I don't like that big ugly angsty rant being at the top of my blog. So what shall I talk about that's a big happier, hmm?

I plan to go to Metrocon in July with my friends from school- Jasmine, Molly, and Jaquelin. It'll be the second anime convention I've been to, the first being ShadoCon last month. It's pretty amazing. We'll all be cosplaying, of course. I plan to go as America from Axis Powers Hetalia. I went to ShadoCon as Canada and lemme tell you, that costume apparently has invisibility powers because nobody noticed me at all. Depressing. So my plan is to be America this time- that way, I get to be as loud and obnoxious as I want! This plan is genius!

I told Jasmine this, and her response was, "What about the other two days we'll be there?" Yeah, apparently she plans on having three costumes each for all four of us, one for each day. Bullcrap. I am not going to work for months on three costumes and only wear them each one time. Way too much work for too little time to show it off. But Jasmine is convinced that she can somehow make it work, even though really she's an inexperienced cosplayer. So am I, for that matter. So are Molly and probably Jaquelin. We're a bunch of newbies at this whole con thing.

Molly and Jasmine keep pestering me about my costumes at school. Hey, you should be Tamaki from Ouran! Hey, you should be Yuuki from Gravitation even though you don't watch that! ghdsfhsg it's irritating. Those two, I swear. I'm glad I introduced them; they're great friends. Since my schedule got flipped around at school, it's been just them at lunch. I'm glad they work so well together. Jaquelin doesn't go to our school, though, and I've only met her at Molly's birthday party. I look forward to seeing her again.

I really don't know how I'll put together my America costume. Mom refuses to let me get a boy-haircut (she says I'll look like a lesbian OTL), so I'll have to use a wig. They have bunches of well-made America wigs out there, so it should be fine. But the actual costume? Well... He wears a leather jacket with black fur trim and the number 50 on the back, and a tan military outfit. The uniform shouldn't be too hard to pull off; what I'm worried about is the jacket. That'll be difficult. It can't look cheap, you know? It has to look real and natural. Like something a real person would wear.

I'm tempted to hope for getting a premade costume off or something, but those are expensive and hard to get the sizes right. Last time I ordered one of those, it was a Sakura Haruno costume and it was wayyy too small. :(

Anybody have any advice for a newbie cosplayer?

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