Thursday, December 2, 2010

New theme, yay

Changed the background of my blog. The orange stuff was pretty, but it looked gross when you could only see the parts of it that were covered by my half-opacity black column, and since my browser windows are usually pretty small, that's all I'd see. Since no one else is reading this, I guess my thoughts are all that matter as far as appearance goes, huh?

Instead I have chosen a purpley-pink-fading-into-orange thing. It's also very pretty, and less gross-looking when a layer of half-opacity black is on top of it. I haven't even looked at the pictures in the background gallery that aren't part of the abstract category. I loooove abstract photography like this. It can add a lot of atmosphere without being too busy or distracting the way regular photos can be.

But then, I haven't looked at anything in the background gallery besides abstracts, so I dunno. Maybe they've got some really perfect wallpapers in there. I should look, but... I'm so lazy. Plus, I'll be going to school in a few minutes. I'll just settle for not knowing, I guess.

I wish I could access Blogger at school, but this and all other blogging sites are blocked. So is Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, any and all game websites, etc etc etc. Since we're on computers all day in every class, it's pretty easy to get distracted, so they do all they can to keep us on task. Of course, we're teenagers. Where there's a will to procrastinate, there's a way. I personally don't want to use proxy servers and whatevertheheck my fellow students have been using, but sometimes I'm just tempted. Like when I have no more work to do and I want to catch up on blogs. :( I get twitchy when I have no idea if anyone's updated. Internet addiction, woo!

Speaking of addiction, I ought to post in my Tegaki E roleplay group soon. Urgh. I totally want to, but I always get nervous about my art... Tegaki E is a site where you draw blogs and artwork straight into a Flash-based drawing app similar to Paint with a mouse or pen tablet. People often start groups for art roleplay and such. I'm in two of these: An X-Men OC roleplay, and a Megaman Classic roleplay. I'm extremely inactive in the latter and I've come to accept that, but the former...

I'll blog about my X-Derp pals next update when I get home from school! It's time for me to go.

Gotta bounce!

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  1. I think I am getting the hang of this "blogging" thing.

    (knock on wood.)